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Transitioning to an
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How To Get Started on an Alkaline Lifestyle for Health, Well-being, Optimal Weight & Energy

Guide: Transitioning To An Alkaline Diet

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  • Can you suggest an way to have an alkaline diet while consuming 25% of your calories as protein. As an athlete (cyclist)trying to build strength and muscle I would like to consume 150-175 grams of protein per day, roughly 25% of 2500 calories.
    I also want to maintain consumption of all branch amino acids which I know are available in meat and fish but acidic.

    Thanks Eric

    - Eric
  • Hello Michael,

    thank you for your email. It is very interesting reading, which I do try to keep on top off my Ph balance if I can, so I am always interested in reading new info.

    It is a shame that so much colour is used on each page, which makes it quite expensive to print out.

    That is probably fine for people who do not have to worry about such trivial things, but for other people who have to watch there pennies, Pensioners etc:
    it can be something they really have to think about.

    Thought you might like to know that little bit of information.

    With fond regards,
    Val Henderson.

    - Val Henderson
  • hey michael thanks for the list of foods to eat an not to. i like egg whites and chicken breast. but the rest of the diet could go alright with a little work. thanks

    - j l knox
  • Hello,

    I am deaf lady . i need to lose some and energy and some pain my body.

    - bukola
  • This sounds very encouraging and I am certainly interested in trying you program.

    I hope I can print it out as my eyes can only stand a few minutes of reading from the computer.


    - Joyce Maxted
  • Changing to an Alkaline Diet has remarkable affects on your overall health and to help with weighloss or to maintain a proper weight. I’ve seen results in my own health and have also experienced bad health when I go off of it. For anyone with failing health or needing to lose weight I highly recommend this change.

    - Debra Hallum
  • Eating healthy is the best way to feel young and filled with energy.

    - JOAN
  • Thank you very much for sharing this very
    important guide to good health.

    - Natalio G. Naguit
  • I would have checked all of the priorities. I have been very ill and in pain. My stamina, which I used to have an abundance of is almost nil.

    - Marian Elizebeth Bostwick
  • I feel healthier then I have been in long time! And It really is easy to do! It is such a very common sense way to eat!

    - Stacey Warner aka Staceyzzzz
  • This was very helpful. I do not have a Facebook account so my “like” didn’t register. The most helpful thing I read was regarding the 70/30 or 80/20 ratios. I had thought that I could never eat ANY of the acidic foods. It will be so much more doable now that I realize I can have some of the foods on the acidic list…just in the proper proportion. Thank you very much for providing this very helpful material.

    - Anne Pritchard
  • I have been following the alkaline diet and have shared it among my clients. It has been very effective with how I feel in general, less to totally no migraine and hyperacidity at all, and I really feel healthier. Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

    - Bje
  • Why don’t you include more fruits and vegetables that are widely used in Indian sub-continent for centuries, claimed to be Alkaline. For example, Tamarind, Indian Gooseberry are alkaline fruits. Please do research on those by yourself and include in your list.

    - Ganesh
  • I would like to know how to alkalize my water, how can make my own alkaline drops?

    Thank you so much

    - Maryna Conway
  • Extremely educative article-needs to be followed

    - Madhukant Rawal
  • I appreciate your enthusiasm and hard work to help people who have health issues. I am looking forward to start using the alkaline program, as I have a pain in my right leg like a burning sensation, behind my knee as well as gout in my throat. Thank you

    - lidia kobal
  • Excellent advise, I’ve tried to do better recently but this article is motivating me to take it up a notch. Thanks so much! The alkaline water issue, I’ve read articles that there is a limit to what we can do with water and although purified water is healthier, the water ionizers are not backed by science. Will be interesting to see how technology will advance on that front in the years to come.

    - George Basham
  • Thank you for sending me this useful information. It is simply excellent for every one who wish to have good health.

    - Dr. I. Ganesh, Scientist
  • tell me about the transition in to alkline.

    - ND
  • Thanks for the contribution to individual and community wellbeing. Less acidity = improved health.

    - MC
  • very helpful baby steps – makes the change less daunting

    - Claerwen Roberts
  • I think all this info is fantastic I know 2 people who have followed this regime with great success

    - Ellie keating
  • great simply written and easy to follow im going start with a baby step. get a blender so i can make a green drink at least once a day.

    - ann
  • sorry i forgot to say thanks, im really gonna use it. ann

    - ann
  • For several years now, but have worked with an alkaline diet. We have the kangen water device by Enagic and feel very positive about the effects it has on our life.

    The eat many quantum vegetables as I call them that lead toward an alkaline body.
    I do have some questions and every time I enter my e-mail address I become blocked on your site.

    I would like to participate because I am considered a quantum Dr. so my clients are looking for different ways of getting out of this acid oriented period of their lives.

    Let me know if there’s some ways we would like to work together with what you already have discovered?

    I am glad to see your website.

    Dr Terry

    - terry campbell
  • Thank you very much for your mails, these have great directions. I am working on the alkaline diet and getting better and better at it and your mails help a lot!

    - Anne
  • This is very helpful and easy to read.
    Thank you
    Perhaps some examples of food combining in a meal for breakfast,lunch and dinner will help more
    Yours Sincerely

    - Alex
  • Thanks Micheal [FOR THE VALUABLE TIPS] you have given me.Will try these.

    Best Wishes


    - John
  • Thank you very much for the guide Michael. Bless you for all your wishes to fulfill in this New Year of the Ranbit Michael, as well!

    - Udayan
  • ABSOLUTLY there is no better way to prevent cancer. I have known this for years. an alkaline patch of ground will not grow anything. Hence, I knew from my youth that a body that is alkaline will not grow problem disease. EKD

    - E K D
  • Toxins in body…change in diet on the way…cycling will be more explosive!…love the food listing!

    - Roger McClelland
  • such a simple way to keep diseases away!but nobody bothers!thanks for providing such a valuable information.

  • I get terrific joint pain if I eat anything that is tomato based, and that includes just plain tomatoes. If they are alkaline, why does this happen to me? Also can’t have any oranges, or orange juice. The same thing happens when I drink coffee, carbonated beverages, regular tea. So I just do herbal teas, water with sliced cucumber and ginger, and almond milk for drinks. I don’t do any dairy, either. I eat lots of almonds, very little bread, and in that regard mostly wraps with no yeast. So you would think that I would be pretty alkaline, but I’m not. I have swollen knuckles that are painful most of the time, and GERD, for which I take medications. I also do a little baking soda with water each day, and take green pills from Trader Joes. My PH is always acidic. I guess I need to keep moving in the direction that I have been going, but it is discouraging to be so limited in my diet and not see much improvement. Also, I have interstitial cystitis and candida issues, so am careful with intake due to these. I have them pretty well under control at this point. Any suggestions other than what I have been reading here? Thanks.

    - mary erhard
  • like it, but not going to go onto facebook – thanks! Complex household. Have to make small changes slowly!

    - Heather
  • Thanks for your help with acidity. I have a lot of acid and a burning stomach and have to take omnaprazole tabs almost every 3rd day. I will try your foods but it is difficult to do.

    Thanks again it was a great help

    - mira
  • You are providing a very generous service, Michael. I so appreciate your lists and suggestions. Thank you.

    I cannot buy all the things you suggest. I’m 82, have outlived my savings and Social Security covers less and less. I must have serious surgery soon, also, and see many expenses ahead.

    Though I can’t join you in a complete program, I am sincerely grateful. Mary

    - Mary
  • Really liked your transitional information. I am going to print this out and have available for me.

    Thank you.


    - Maggie
  • I think alkalising your body is one of the first steps in fighting cancer

    - Tom Malley
  • I am controlling Acid Relux thru diet and this info is interesting but it is my understanding that it is a lack of acid in the stomach that is the problem. That is why vinegar often helps to eliminate pain from the reflux. I also find it interesting that cauliflower, spinach and tomatoes cause me a great deal of discomfort and I must avoid them.
    Trial and error I guess.

    - Diane Stenton
  • I appreicate this very much, I am working to lower my bloodpressure and I am sure this will help.

    Thank you, I really like it.

    - Gwen
  • I found this most helpful. Simply setout and easy to follow.

    - Elizabeth Dunn
  • Being of Italian decent I miss my Spaghetti very much. But every time I eat spaghetti and tomato sauce i get heartburn.
    I sauted Garlic in pure olive oil, added canned tomatoes (not sauce) added a little bit of baking soda to take the accidity out of the tomatoes and poured this on to macroni.
    Yet I still get heartburn. What am I doing wrong and how can I change it so that it works for me?
    I just read the whole article above and found it very interesting. I commend you on your wonderful work.

    - Maria Giammatteo
  • I’m interested not only in energy but also in weight. looking forward to seening what can be done. I need some new recipes.

    - Norma
  • great information Thanks!

    - Phillip Wyllis
  • VERY helpful as I continue to make the changes necessary to switch to a more alkaline lifestyle. Thank you!!

    - Debbie
  • This is good information. I appreciate it very much. Thank you.

    - Charlette
  • I loved it, really a great way to improve health. Thanks for sending time to time precious information.

    - Manisha

    - M DE ARMAS
  • i would like to get a vegetarian alkaline diet program

    - neela doshi
  • This helps a lot as I didn’t know what foods to eat.

    - Dean
  • This helped me a lot. Thankyou for your valuable information. Its simply amazing. Keep in touch.

    - jothi
  • I have followed the ALKALINE PROGRAM for two years and have never felt better. I have no cravings (ever) !!! It was so easy to start. Cannot figure out why more people will not give up acid foods. (sugar, pop, dairy,)

    - bula chick
  • this program has been helpful, knowing the right foods to eat will lead to a healthier

    - Earl Morris

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